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Acid Blondie Red

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If you’re a fan of flavor infused cigars, then you should know ACID by Drew Estate is number one on the totem pole, hands down, no question about it, and Blondie is one of the most popular lines. Each handcrafted cigar spends time in Drew Estate’s aromatic rooms where the final blend is influenced by over 150 essential oils and botanicals. Blondie Red is a rich twist on the original Blondie, comprised of a dark brown Sumatra wrapper and a mix of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and those special herbs and botanical oils. The medium-bodied Blondie Red delivers fragrant notes of red pepper, leather, earth, with hints of citrus, dried fruit, tea, and berries. Buy a 5 pack of Blondie Red with another 5 pack of your favorite cigars and save big!