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Camacho Broadleaf

Camacho Broadleaf is the newest addition to its line-up. A bigger and bolder smoke, sure to satisfy thrill-seekers. No corners were cut. The result is an oversized Honduran Broadleaf wrapper packed with giant flavor. Decades of expertise and Honduran craftsmanship converged to produce this bold addition to our arsenal.

Don’t let this dark, oily Honduran Broadleaf wrapper fool you, this cigar has a lot more going on under the hood than meets the eye. The diverse blend of tobaccos from Honduras and Dominican Republic, paired with a leathery Broadleaf wrapper, take complexity to a whole new level. Camacho Broadleaf is a medium intensity smoke, packed with dark notes of leather, pepper, and hints of sweetness throughout.


The Camacho Broadleaf cigar boasts a rugged and unapologetic flavor profile, with rich notes of dark chocolate and espresso, accompanied by creamy sweetness and earthy spices. The aromas of leather and oak evoke a spirit of adventure, adding an extra layer of complexity to the experience.