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God Of Fire

God of Fire Cigars are produced by the Fuente Family, who is long known to be one of the top manufacturers of premium cigars. God of Fire Cigars are quite possibly one of the rarest cigars you can find, available in extremely limited quantities and only at select times of the year. Available in both an Ecuadorian and Cameroon wrapper, they epitomize perfection at it's finest. Originally released back in 2004, Tabacalera Arturo Fuente has created the finest full-bodied cigar available on the market today choice cigars come in two blends: one by Carlito Fuente, the other by Don Carlos. God of Fire by Carlito has a potent, peppery tang that will tantalize sophisticated palates. Despite the medium-to-heavy balance, God of Fire by Carlito is a complex cigar with a rich mix of subtle flavors and a slight sweetness to balance the peppery notes. Wrapper: Cameroon. Filler and Binder: Dominican.