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Cigars come in different brands and make, one of them is called cigarillo. These are small sized cigars rolled in the finest tobacco paper for smooth smoking. Cigarillos have around 3 grams of tobacco, which is far more in the content than that found in cigarettes. Of course, cigarillos are cigars, but they are smaller in size compared to the full bred cigars; they are just a miniature of the cigars you know. It means you have to smoke this brand of the cigar the same way you smoke the bigger cigars and not mistake them for cigarettes because they are different.The making of cigarillo cigars is in different forms; some are made using the machine, or a combination of machine bunched and human wrapped while some are entirely handmade. As you should have expected, the making of a cigar will reflect in its quality and price. Yes, delicately handcrafted cigarillos are usually more expansive than the mass-produced machine quality ones.