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Experience the Legacy of My Father Cigars

In the vibrant city of Estelí, Nicaragua, there’s a special place called My Father Cigars, where some of the world's finest cigars are made. The factory was started by Jose 'Pepin' Garcia, a master cigar maker also known as Don Pepin. He brought his family, including his son Jaime and daughter Janny, into the business, making it a true family affair.

Who is Jose 'Pepin' Garcia?

Jose 'Pepin' Garcia started his journey with cigars in Cuba before moving to Nicaragua. In Estelí, he set up My Father Cigars, bringing with him a deep knowledgeRead more of and a strong passion for cigar making. Every cigar made here shows just how much care and expertise Don Pepin puts into his work.

What Makes My Father Cigars Special?

At My Father Cigars, making a cigar is all about sticking to old traditions and being really precise. The workers pick the best tobaccos, which are then aged and fermented carefully. This makes sure each cigar is not just good but also gives smokers a taste of the rich flavors of Nicaragua.

Celebrated Cigars from My Father

Some of the top cigars from My Father Cigars are the Flor de las Antillas and My Father Le Bijou 1922. Both of these have won the "Cigar of the Year" award from Cigar Aficionado, a big deal in the cigar world. This recognition comes from the Garcia family's commitment to making superb cigars.

The Garcia Family Touch

The Garcia family does everything from growing the tobacco to creating the cigars, setting high standards in the industry. Jaime and Janny Garcia help their dad make sure that the family tradition of excellent cigar making continues strong.

Visit the My Father Cigars Factory

If you’re interested in cigars, visiting the My Father Cigars factory is an awesome experience. It’s not just about seeing how cigars are made; it’s about feeling the passion and dedication of the people who make them. This visit can really show you why the Garcia family’s cigars are so respected.

My Father Cigars Around the World

My Father Cigars are loved not just in Nicaragua or the U.S., but all over the world. Each cigar from the Estelí factory is known for its quality and tradition, something that Jose Pepin Garcia and his family have always focused on. The brand keeps getting more popular, influencing what cigar lovers everywhere prefer.

To sum it up, My Father Cigars is more than just a place that makes cigars. It’s a symbol of hard work and family dedication in the world of premium cigars. Whether you know a lot about cigars or just want to learn, trying a cigar from this family-run factory is sure to be an unforgettable experience.Read less