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Arturo Fuente Casa Fuente Robusto

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The Arturo Fuente Casa Fuente cigars have only ever been available at the renowned Casa Fuente Cigars club in Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. But for a very short period of time, neighborhood brick and mortar tobacco shops can now purchase this must-have cigar. It is a part of Fuente's "Support Local" campaign, which aims to support nearby cigar shops who have been impacted by the pandemic and provide a chance for aficionados of this well-known brand who couldn't make it to Vegas to obtain this sought-after cigar. In addition to seven sizes of the Casa Fuente cigar in a delectable Cameroon wrapper, the release also contains three vitolas from the Casa Fuente Series 5 in a scrumptious Ecuadorian natural wrapper. At Tabacalera Fuente in the Dominican Republic, everything is done by hand.