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Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve

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As I noted above, the Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2021 starts with what I would consider a very typical and familiar Fuente profile, and one that for the most part is rather enjoyable. The cigar doesn't stray too far off the path the rest of the way, weaving a core of flavors in and out of the profile that will hit the palate with a decent amount of pepper, dry woods, cedar, loamy soil and creaminess, all of which show some signs that align with the idea that the cigars have been rested for a bit but are still full of vibrance. My one gripe with the flavor is a funkiness that is hard to put a specific name on, but that seems to draw on some combination of minerals and chalk to just color the rest of the profiles enough to be a detractor. Maybe it's part and parcel of the profile, but it's enough to have me holding back on fully loving the cigar. Thankfully construction is fantastic and there's really no other objections I can present. This is one of those cigars that falls into the category of easily smoking another one and picking up a few if I find it, but not going too far out of my way to track them down.