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Undercrown Sun Grown Robusto

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When you create a product of pride, a cigar that comes as the result of a challenge and a matter of pride, the result is something truly unique and special. Once again Drew Estate challenged Willy Herrera and the Undercrown Blending Team, this time they were asked to elevate a sun grown Ecuadorian Sumarta tobacco leaf. The result of this challenge: the absolutely stunning Undercrown Sun Grown cigar.
Undercrown came to light with a challenge from Willy Herrera to create a cigar that will satisfy his palate, with his predisposition to Liga Privada 9. That cigar ended up with a 90 rating, and the adoration of aficionados worldwide.This is a truly full-bodied smoke, in part thanks to the aged Segovia ligero Nicaraguan tobacco leaf.